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Why you shouldn’t ignore rural real estate opportunities: lifestyle benefits and sound investments

Since the start of the pandemic more people have been working from home than ever before. We've seen a trend of people selling their home in the city in order to move out to their cottage, or to a quieter country property since there was no longer a need for commuting into the office (or at least not as often). A good article on this subject can be found at...

Staging a house – 15 home staging tips from real estate experts

Preparing your home for sale, along with ensuring it looks its best to potential buyers, can be an intimating process, and alot of work for sellers. We always recommend to plan your sale in advance, slowing start decluttering, and refreshing your home with paint, and/or upgrades so that you are not rushed doing so at the last minute once you find that dream house you had been looking for. Below is a good article that talks about staging. To get our sellers started, all our listings include a consultation with a professional stager.

Mortgage to income ratio Canada

Mortgage to Income Ratio explained in this article. If you need help with with financing your next home, or determining what home price you can afford, just let us know and we would be happy to connect you with one of the mortgage brokers on our team.

Click here to read the full article by Corben Grant, sourced by Canadian Real Estate Wealth

What is the average down payment on a house in Canada and how much should you pay?

Many buyers are confused about the difference between deposit and downpayment when purchasing a home. The deposit is the amount of money associated with your offer. The most common ways to provide a deposit are submitting it with the offer, or within 24 hours of acceptance of your offer, depending upon how the offer is written. The deposit then makes up part of your total downpayment for the purchase. The following article explains downpayment in more detail ...

Ottawa Market Update

Ottawa Market update for Residential and Condominium Homes - November 2021 compared to November 2020.

Here are the numbers for Ottawa Residential and Condominium homes and the comparison of average days on market, average selling price, properties sold and inventory from November 2021 and November 2020.

Information sourced from the Ottawa Real Estate Board.


House prices in Canada will rise higher in 2022, real-estate report says

Many people ask us what we expect the market to do in 2022 and should they wait or buy now. In our opinion buying sooner is better as we anticipate home prices to rise steadily over 2022 due to expected low inventory again this year... a good article on this can be found below. 

Click here to read the full article by Anthony Vasquez-Peddie, sourced from CTV News

There's never been a better time to get into Canadian real estate

Ottawa's housing market is still hot, and home values are projected to climb over 2022. We have helped many investors over the past year find investment properties with attractive ROIs and property appreciation. Considering investing in real estate? Talk to us today ...

Click here to read the full article by StackCommerce, sourced from the Ottawa Sun

Investors now make up more than 25% of Ontario homebuyers, pushing prices higher, experts warn

With the rise in home prices, we have seen homeowners refinance their homes to pull out the recent increase in equity and use that to purchase an investment property. Here is an article that talks more about the increase in investors in Ontario ...

Click here to read the full article by Farrah Merali, sourced from CBC News

Nearly Half of Canada's 6.1 Trillion Home Value is Concentrated in Ontario

An interesting read about how Ontario's real estate market compares to the rest of the country ....

Click here to read the full article by Jack Landau, sourced from BlogTO

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